Get ready for your biggest transformation yet!

Some of you know Cindy Lane Ross from her successful nutrition and fitness companies Bodies By Cindy and Fat To Fit with Cindy Lane Ross, but she been developing something more specialized over time that is almost ready to be shared—Life Wellness Forever.

Life Wellness Forever will work closely with clients in building a complete health solution for total mind and body wellness.

LWF’s mission for you is to live a longer, happier, and healthier life. This concept sounds simple, but we understand how hard this is for most people.

Our overall plans focus on hormone balancing, fitness, nutrition and functional medicine. With these four main bodily factors in mind, Cindy will create your customized wellness plan to accommodate your current needs based on age, hormone levels and metabolic factors. 

Cindy’s system has been successful in helping clients reach and maintain their goals since 2002.

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 Hormone Quiz

When you suspect sex hormones might be out of whack, please take this self-evaluating quiz:

  • I have premenstrual syndrome.

  • I have monthly weight fluctuation.

  • I have edema, swelling, puffiness, or water retention.

  • I feel bloated.

  • I have headaches.

  • I have mood swings.

  • I have tender, enlarged breasts.

  • I am depressed.

  • I feel unable to cope with ordinary demands.

  • I have backaches, joint, or muscle pain.

  • I have premenstrual food cravings (especially sugar or salt).

  • I have irregular cycles, heavy bleeding, or light bleeding.

  • I am infertile.

  • I use birth-control pills or other hormones.

  • I have premenstrual migraines.

  • I have breast cysts or lumps or fibrocystic breasts.

  • I have a family history of breast, ovarian, or uterine cancer.

  • I have uterine fibroids.

  • I have peri-menopausal symptoms (hot flashes, mood swings, headaches, irregular cycles, heavy bleeding, fluid retention, breast tenderness, vaginal dryness, brain fog, muscle and joint pain, low sex drive, weight gain).

  • I have hot flashes.

  • I feel anxious.

  • I have night sweats.

  • I have insomnia.

  • I have lost my sex drive.

  • I have dry skin, hair, and/ or vagina.

  • I have heart palpitations.

  • I have trouble with memory or concentration.

  • I have bloating or weight gain around the middle.

  • I have facial hair.

  • I have been exposed to pesticides or heavy metals (in the food, water, and/ or air).

Score one point for every time you answered “yes,” and then check out how you scored using the scale below:

0 to 9 – You may have a mild sex hormone imbalance.

10 to 14 – You may have a moderate sex hormone imbalance.

15 or more – You may have a severe sex hormone imbalance.

Now that you have determined the severity of your imbalance, let’s talk about your next step! Call today for a In-person/Video Conference.